sobota, 9 kwietnia 2011

Marble in Kexi forms

as I promised yesterday, oh wait it was today, Today I'll show you Marble in kexi forms. But before that few wards of explaining what is what.

Kexi - in short, database for people - part of Calligra Suit.
    more on both can be found on these pages: and
Marble - in short, virtual globe – part of KDEedu
more on Marble you can find on project page:

Last week (1-3 April) there was Calligra Sprint in Berlin (Link here) it was my first sprint, close enough for me to go (only 5h by train), during the sprint I've meet lots of interesting people, and it was excellent time for some hacking.
I've finished my first implementation of Marble Widget for Kexi forms.

Today I'll just show you how it works, next time I'll write how I've done that.

There are still some errors like disappearing Marble icon, configuration is not passed between Design and Data modes, but it is just beginning and I already have few thing to write about.

Sources of this feature available at:
You also need Marble-dev package.

Next time there will be some source code.

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